Katahdin Hair Sheep

Paddock Garden Farm ~ Ridgefield, WA

No wool here.......
Located 10 miles north of the Columbia River in Ridgefield, Washington we have a mild climate that while cold to freezing at times in winter we experience warm temps in the summer. The Katahdin is a great choice.  Their
thicker coat in the winter keeps them warm but come spring and as the temps climb their hair sheds and they slick down to a very short coat that keeps them comfortable in the Summer months.

Katahdin sheep shed their winter coats with the arrival of spring making them a low maintenance animal that blend to any climate.

Available Stock Out and about

Currently we have breeding rams in white and patterned colors.  A very few meat rams/weathers for sale as well.  All breeding stock is registered with KHSI.

August 2012 ~ Look for us at the Clark County Fair. We will have 3 beautiful ewe lambs and 2 handsome ram lambs. One has a great panda pattern.

Why the Katahdin was the choice for our farm

As a low maintenance meat sheep the Katahdin does not require shearing, tail docking and the ewes are excellent out of season breeders as well as fantastic mothers to their young.